Turks & Caicos Margaritaville Corporate Retreat for Carnival Cruises Crew - South Florida Mitzvah Production by 84 WEST EVENTS
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Turks & Caicos Margaritaville Corporate Retreat for Carnival Cruises Crew

We jet set to Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands for 10 days of work and play! Margaritaville’s Caribbean franchise hired us to entertain and celebrate the crew members of Carnival cruises with corporate retreat style entertainment including music, dancing, and engaging picnic games. Margaritaville provided the cruise ship employees with delicious food and drinks, while we livened the atmosphere.

This corporate retreat was not only filled with attendees from all around the world, it also came with a breathtaking ocean-front view. Sometimes, mid-game or mid-song I’d stop, look at the turquoise water and think to myself , “how lucky am I to have a job that allows me to celebrate people and travel to exciting locations?”

During the corporate retreat, the cruises’ crew members were able to sign up for Margaritaville’s brand new and free rewards program, giving them discounts, benefits, and cash back rewards at any of their Caribbean locations.  Many of the cruise ship employees told us this was their “best day on contract” because they had so much fun. I’d have to say I felt the same. I mean, how often do you get to work in paradise?

But, it wasn’t all work and no play. Jeff and I got to explore the small island of Grand Turk with our new friends. We snorkeled to see the beautiful reefs and exotic marine life, we rented bikes for the day and visited the historic lighthouse, and we were even in town for Grand Turk’s biggest party of the year, Beer Fest, where people come from all over TCI to dance and drink to great music. My favorite part about the island was the donkeys. Yup, you read that right, the island is covered with wild donkeys! Most of them were pretty shy around humans, but they were so cute to look at! Overall, I’d say it was a successful workcation. Check out our wrap-up video below (keep watching for the donkey cameo):




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