Centerpieces & Decor - South Florida Mitzvah Production by 84 WEST EVENTS
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Unique, modern decor and themes that reflect your Mitzvah star’s personality.

84 West Studios specializes in creating complete floor to ceiling event design using creative centerpieces, lighting, linens, and decor. Our designers work together with our photographers, videographers, planners, and DJs to make sure everything flows perfectly. Our award winning customer service, expertise, and creative vision are just a few of the reasons why South Florida families . We create beautiful Mitzvah designs with our customizable packages.

Call us today at (954)236-9000 to make your appointment!

Best Fort Lauderdale Mitzvah Decor Company

Bar and Bat Mitzvah centerpieces and decor, entrances, and theme design and production by 84 West

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Lit column large 36in 01 web Acrylic cut out with lit base, large web 8in x 10in square centerpiece 01 Truss, 24in 01 Truss, 24in 02 zack-decor_006 zack-decor_026 zack-decor_025 zack-decor_024 zack-decor_023


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