Turks & Caicos Margaritaville Corporate Retreat for Carnival Cruises Crew

We jet set to Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands for 10 days of work and play! Margaritaville’s Caribbean franchise hired us to entertain and celebrate the crew members of Carnival cruises with corporate retreat style entertainment including music, dancing, and engaging picnic games. Margaritaville provided the cruise ship employees with delicious food and drinks, while we livened the atmosphere.

This corporate retreat was not only filled with attendees from all around the world, it also came with a breathtaking ocean-front view. Sometimes, mid-game or mid-song I’d stop, look at the turquoise water and think to myself , “how lucky am I to have a job that allows me to celebrate people and travel to exciting locations?”

During the corporate retreat, the cruises’ crew members were able to sign up for Margaritaville’s brand new and free rewards program, giving them discounts, benefits, and cash back rewards at any of their Caribbean locations.  Many of the cruise ship employees told us this was their “best day on contract” because they had so much fun. I’d have to say I felt the same. I mean, how often do you get to work in paradise?

But, it wasn’t all work and no play. Jeff and I got to explore the small island of Grand Turk with our new friends. We snorkeled to see the beautiful reefs and exotic marine life, we rented bikes for the day and visited the historic lighthouse, and we were even in town for Grand Turk’s biggest party of the year, Beer Fest, where people come from all over TCI to dance and drink to great music. My favorite part about the island was the donkeys. Yup, you read that right, the island is covered with wild donkeys! Most of them were pretty shy around humans, but they were so cute to look at! Overall, I’d say it was a successful workcation. Check out our wrap-up video below (keep watching for the donkey cameo):




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Deborah’s Bat Mitzvah at A9 Event Space

Fabulous Davie FL Bat Mitzvah photography, DJ MC entertainment, and Fort Lauderdale Bat Mitzvah event space by 84 West Events. We loved working with this fun family. We especially loved the charming hand-drawn signs for the Bat Mitzvah mocktails that the clients brought in. The neon blacklight mitzvah theme paired perfectly with our LED dance floor and video DJ facade. Thanks so much to this fantastic family and our awesome staff!

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Emoji Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces | Leah and Jayla’s B’Mitzvah at A9 Event Space

This fun joint Bat Mitzvah between two best friends (Leah and Jayla) was a blast! This was an emoji themed Bat Mitzvah! Leah and Jayla love instagram, texting, and the cute emoji on their iphones. We were thrilled to provide these two families with some bold, modern centerpieces reflecting the minimalist design of texting emoticons. We hand-cut the emoticons for the centerpieces ourselves, and accented the centerpieces with some fun speech bubbles with custom hashtags and emoji balloons.

We also provided the families with our award-winning MC/DJ entertainment, fun Bat Mitzvah games like Stuff It, our show-stopping LED dance floor and jaw-dropping video DJ facade, modern Mitzvah photography, and more, all set in our loft style A9 Event Space in Davie, FL.

Our clients were thrilled with our services and gave us rave reviews! Thank you to Leah and Jayla and your family and friends!

Call us today to plan your amazing Bat Mitzvah! (954)236-9000.


Hashtag Theme Bat Mitzvah

Emoji Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces

A9 Event space bat mitzvah Davie FL

LED Mitzvah Decorations

Cute bat mitzvah dress

Best Bat Mitzvah Photography 33325

Cute Bat Mitzvah photography pose

Modern Bat Mitzvah photographer Broward County, FL


Emoticon Bat Mitzvah Decorations

Mitzvah photographer Miami Florida



Instagram Bat Mitzvah







Joint candle lighting Mitzvah ideas


Emoji pillows















Cool bar mitzvah games


Airbrush artist for Bat Mitzvahs South Florida



Airbrush artist Davie FL



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Zack Airways: Airplane Themed Decor

Zack Airways! An airline theme bar mitzvah at Temple Solel in Hollywood, Florida. Fantastic Miami International Airport imagery on our custom truss centerpieces were perfectly complemented by the client’s glass airplanes that they customized with Zack’s logo.

Blue LED spandex bar mitzvah table linens looked amazing with crystal “ghost” chairs; very modern and chic! This energetic family has a great sense of style and it was our pleasure to work with them to create Zack’s amazing bar mitzvah.

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Jamie’s Dance Theme Bat Mitzvah at Congregation Kol Tikvah in Parkland, FL

Photography and Pictures in a Minute Greenscreen Photos by 84 West (954)236-9000.

Parkland Bat Mitzvah Photographer 84 West Events

jamie_b_007 jamie_b_029 jamie_b_149 jamie_b_152 jamie_b_154 jamie_b_155 jamie_b_156 jamie_b_157 jamie_b_158 jamie_b_159 jamie_b_160 jamie_b_162 jamie_b_163 jamie_b_164 jamie_b_165 jamie_b_166 jamie_b_167 jamie_b_168 jamie_b_169 jamie_b_170 jamie_b_185 jamie_b_186 jamie_b_187 jamie_b_207 jamie_b_229 jamie_b_231 jamie_b_234 jamie_b_242 jamie_b_243 jamie_b_244 jamie_b_320 jamie_b_334 jamie_b_348 jamie_b_350 jamie_b_679 jamie_b_803 jamie_b_883 jamie_b_914 jamie_b_952 jamie_b_954 jamie_b_959

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Artist Theme Bat Mitzvah Benvenuto Boyton Beach: Ally’s Art Mitzvah!

Ally is a super talented artist! Her family is just as amazing. This family embodies precisely makes working with Mitzvah families so awesome! For this event we created lit centerpieces shaped like giant colored pencils in an ombre effect. We surprised ally with a colorful floor decal as well. Her candle lighting piece (the candles dripped rainbow colors!) featured a matching motif and the entrance featured Ally’s own drawings! The family made their own personal touches with the colored pencil sign in board, tiny easel seating cards, and the colorful table numbers. We set up our LED uplights in a super colorful pattern to put the finishing touches on this vivid event!

Our Graffiti Live interactive photography and LED favors during the dancing also kicked it up! Thank you to Benvenuto Restaurant for helping us create this wonderful event!

Boyton Beach Bat Mitzvah decor, photography, and entertainment by 84 West (954)236-9000

ally_001 ally_002 ally_003 ally_004 ally_005 ally_006 ally_007 ally_008 ally_009 ally_010 ally_011 ally_012 ally_013 ally_014 ally_015 ally_016 ally_017 ally_018 ally_019 ally_020 ally_021 ally_022 ally_023 ally_024 ally_025 ally_026 ally_027 ally_028 ally_029 ally_030 ally_031 ally_032 ally_033 ally_034 ally_035 ally_036 ally_037 ally_038 ally_039 ally_040 ally_041 ally_042 ally_043 ally_044 ally_045 ally_046 ally_047

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Sammy’s Neon Bar Mitzvah at Kol Tikvah Parkland FL

It was our pleasure providing the Bar Mitzvah photography for Sammy and his family, especially since the decor was so amazing! Congregation Kol Tikvah always looks stunning, but this Neon themed decor really brought a lot of color and light to the space! Sammy’s tagline was “I got my glow on with Sammy” and it really shows! This family was a blast to work with, as was Congregation Kol Tikvah!

Parkland Bar Mitzvah Photographer 84 West Events (954)236-9000

scheiner_001 scheiner_002 scheiner_003 scheiner_004 scheiner_005 scheiner_006 scheiner_007 scheiner_008 scheiner_009 scheiner_010 scheiner_011 scheiner_012 scheiner_013 scheiner_014 scheiner_015 scheiner_016 scheiner_017 scheiner_018 scheiner_019 scheiner_020 scheiner_021 scheiner_022 scheiner_023 scheiner_024 scheiner_025 scheiner_026 scheiner_027 scheiner_028 scheiner_029 scheiner_030 scheiner_031 scheiner_032 scheiner_033 scheiner_034 scheiner_035 scheiner_036 scheiner_037 scheiner_038 scheiner_039 scheiner_040 scheiner_041 scheiner_042 scheiner_043 scheiner_044 scheiner_045 scheiner_046 scheiner_047 scheiner_048 scheiner_049 scheiner_050 scheiner_051 scheiner_052 scheiner_053 scheiner_054 scheiner_055

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Jack’s Amazing Young At Art Bar Mitzvah

Jack’s Bar Mitzvah had it all – food trucks, awesome logo, branded pillows and signs, lighting, DJ entertainment, and best of all – his family and friends! And while the event was a blast we also have to say that we LOVED working at up-and-coming Davie Bar Mitzvah venue “Young At Art” museum and library. Everything from the graphic wall art to the towering lighting fixtures and the signature “I LOVE YOU” art out front was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We really can’t wait to do more events at this inspiring location.

Some of our favorite shots from Jack’s Young At Art Bar Mitzvah are below. Interested in DJ entertainment, flowers, lighting, and photography for your Davie mitzvah? Call 84 West Events today at (954)236-9000!

jackp_001 jackp_002 jackp_003 jackp_004 jackp_005 jackp_006 jackp_007 jackp_008 jackp_009 jackp_010 jackp_011 jackp_012 jackp_013 jackp_014 jackp_015 jackp_016 jackp_017 jackp_018 jackp_019 jackp_020 jackp_021 jackp_022 jackp_023 jackp_024 jackp_025 jackp_026 jackp_027 jackp_028 jackp_029 jackp_030 jackp_031 jackp_032 jackp_033 jackp_034 jackp_035 jackp_036 jackp_037 jackp_038 jackp_039 jackp_040 jackp_041 jackp_042 jackp_043


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Ooh La La! Pink Paris Bat Mitzvah Theme at A9 Event Space

Natalie’s charming Bat Mitzvah was a very chic Paris theme! Pink, white, and black colors dominated this fun Bat Mitzvah. We especially loved the personalized pillows and table wraps. It was our pleasure to provide the Bat Mitzvah photography for the family by providing them with a family photography session and party coverage at A9 Event Space in Davie, FL. We also provided the entertainment, lighting, and crystal centerpieces. The party was a hit! Some of our favorite shots are below.

Looking for Bat Mitzvah DJ Plantation, FL? Call 84 West Events today at (954)236-9000! We also provide complete Mitzvah planning and production services.

tammy_001 tammy_002 tammy_003 tammy_004 tammy_005 tammy_006 tammy_007 tammy_008 tammy_009 tammy_010 tammy_011 tammy_012 tammy_013 tammy_014 tammy_015 tammy_016 tammy_017 tammy_018 tammy_019 tammy_020 tammy_021 tammy_022 tammy_023 tammy_024 tammy_025 tammy_026 tammy_027 tammy_028 tammy_029 tammy_030 tammy_031 tammy_032 tammy_033 tammy_034 tammy_035 tammy_036 tammy_039 tammy_040 tammy_041 tammy_042 tammy_043 tammy_044 tammy_045 tammy_047 tammy_048 tammy_049 tammy_050 tammy_051 tammy_052 tammy_053

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